About Us

Our Mission

'Our mission is to give our customers the best massage experience possible while providing them with the most stylish and fashionable products on the market.'

Our Story

As regular gym-goes, rest days are essential for muscle recovery. At one point, we saw massage guns start popping up all over the internet. 'We have to get one!' But every one of them looked very vanilla and bland to us. Especially with our backgrounds in graphic design and UX, our main pet peeves are great designs and aesthetics.

This is how Mint Relax was born in 2021 and how we decided to launch the Portable Massage Gun as our first product. Mint Relax is an internationally oriented Swiss-based brand with a strong conviction and core objective: to offer the most stylish relaxation products that improve the overall well-being for our customers across the globe. Our focus lies on functionality, simplicity, and beautiful design.

So choose your style, choose your health, choose yourself.

Sunny & Manuel